Sunday, May 23, 2004

Yes Jonny it was March!

So back from a self imposed bloggin vacation.
Bugged by at least 8 folks at the nashville convention to start bloggin again.
Here goes. I'm learning that I should write shorter posts, and more of em.

I agree with most of the posts I've seen that the large group meetings need to resemble emergent culture rather than any old YS conference. How do we change 'em?

Well they're gonna hate me, but Marko and Pagitt and Thom and Holly need to have you send your post to them. Directly. Now. If you want to have a voice, tell them. Specific actionable stuff.

I've complained about conferences on this blog before. And all I got was crap cause it was perceived as whining. I wasn't, but that's the way it was perceived. And I didn't get the result I wanted. Nothin changed.

So if you want change; talk to those who can influence change. And when you blog, try to express that you know they worked their butts off. Cause they did.

So thanks Doug, Marko, Thom, Holly, Tic and everyone involved. You rock. I think you have an army of opinionated helpers out here who want to give input and will help you work to make the changes.



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