Saturday, January 31, 2004

There is no emerging church

Just wanted you to know. I've been searching for it, and I cant find it anywhere. Maybe it has been misplaced, maybe McLaren lost it in his turtle tank. Many people belive there is one and they don't want to be a part of it. I don't believe it's really there. It's kinda like WMD, it's there but we'll never find it. Maybe the Iraqi's are hiding the emerging church. Maybe it's in a spider hole somewhere. Could Sadam have hidden it in one of his palaces? Naa.

Maybe Cartman (you know from South Park!) hid it in his bag of Cheessy Pooffs. Maybe we should blame Canada. Those Canadians have too many blogs and have too many opinions. If we invaded, we might find all those emerging churches. Except that all of Canada is below zero for day time highs. And even if we found them we wouldn't want to go. Just too cold.

Could it be here in Cincinnati? Nope, this is where they hide everything.

I'll keep looking. Like OJ, for the real killers.


I'm kidding for those of you who don't know me.

Let's have a little fun. Relax. I don't really have to define what I'm doing. Neither do you! That's part of the fun.

I don't have to report in to "M" to explain why I haven't captured Dr. No.

I can be a part of all or none of the conferences around the world. I can be a part of as many or as few online communities as I choose. So What? Who cares. The only people who need me to define what this is are those who want to control it or condem it. Well too bad! They aren't gonna get any ammo from me. If for you life and community exists on message boards great; If it only exists in a local group of friends great too. If it includes those from other continents, or with more traditional church folks, great. Or maybe with punks, goths, jocks, geebs, bohemians, hip hop, rap, folk or freakin Liberace; GOOD FOR US! Be you! Be in relationship with the jesus you know and the people you know. That's all!

And honestly, if anyone wanted mention me along with McLaren, Myers, Kimball, Burke, Pagitt, Tony or Andrew Jones, Scandrette, Rudy, Keel, Holly, Jonny Baker, Seay, Conder, Jason, Ivy, Marko, Hunter, Willard, or Sweet I'd go happily, willingly. They rock. It's a friendship. That's all. Friends. It's intentional. If it were more than friends, it might suck. But it doesn't. Simple really.



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