Thursday, January 22, 2004

small furry woodland creatures

Great name for a new band.

Reading the "Rule of Benedict" for the first time without lots of commentaries. This guy had a great heart.

Guess I'm learning that the volatile mixture of adrenaline and testosterone can have devastating effects on the church, and how opposite from that is the Rule. And how all the fruits of the spirit seem so disconnected from my "male" assumptions.

Wouldn't it have been nice to see King George admit during the State of The Union speech that WMD was a scam to get us to go to war.
"I'm sorry folks but I was wrong. I misled you. I violated your trust. Last year at this time I sold you on the immanent threat of WMD. I shouldn't have. I won't gloss over it (like he did). Yes, he was a bad man. Yes, the Iraqi people will be better off in the future. But that is no excuse for my behavior. The end never justifies the means. I call myself a Christian and I tell the truth. I failed you."
I would have stood up and cheered! Because he would have made it a little better, part of the shell game stopped.

But alas, no.
What is a republican to do? Would John Kerry tell me the truth? About WAR for God sake?

Does George think I can vote for him when everyone admits it was a sham, but him. Really? I'm that stupid? He keeps making himself look more and more like Michael Moore's caricature of him from "Dude where's my Country".

And then to yell and scream about Steroids. Why? How is that presidential? What a bit of political squat!

This is so sad. It feels very Nixon-esque.


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