Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Revisiting the whirlwind

It's been two weeks since Lilly and I posted on the "women at Mayhem" issue. The result has been amazing, overwhelming and slighly odd.

So many people have e-mailed, blogged and commented that it is clear that the issue is really being discussed, and some people (many women) are speaking their minds for the first time in a while

Both Jonny Baker, and his mate Jenny, and Maggi Dawn in the UK as well as many folks we've never met from around the world have made strong statements and let their opinion be heard. I think that maybe it might be one of the strongest elements in the power of the blog. It's a global discussion whose time has come. Thanks to the folks around the USA and Canada, the UK and on the Continent, and in Auz for their input and love. It's kinda overwhelming.

Also; thank you Chris Marshall for "accidentally" hosting a lot of this on his blog, as Lilly and I didn't have comments then. Maybe it was just as well. And thanks for taking alot of the attacks sent your way like a stud; simply because you played MC at the event.

I must admit again that I never expected any resistance to my post of the 13th. How naive! Can you believe it. I had to get over being angry that anyone even "considered" disagreeing with the "Great and Powerful ME." But I'm better now. If I'm gonna put it out into public space, then I better be ready for whatever comes. It's just adulthood.

I was kinda blown away by the variety of opinions and the intensity of feeling of the bloggin community. We are a community of some wild folks. Buncha bikers at a bar!
"Look out Louise, Tiny just broke out the chain saw!"

Anyway, even if you disagree with me still, though I know that's a logical impossibility, you're still welcome on my blog and in my home.



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