Friday, January 23, 2004


I wonder how this work of building relationships in the emerging/simple/organic/post/wabi church is any different than in any other part of western life. We still end up liking the people we like; the people we have lots in common with. Is your experience different? Do you have relationships with people you irritate you, make you feel uncomfortable, or just in general bug you? Or with people who see the world with utterly different lenses with regard to theology, practice, assumptions, lifestyle, or expectations in the world of faith?

As I look at people, and talk with Joe Myers, and read his book, it seems that we all do this on autopilot. Ushering those who cause pain out and away from us, and ushering in those with whom we feel a connection. And then when we finally have a group around which makes us feel good, we defend it, fight for it to remain the same. And at least with myself, all this goes on under the radar. I'm almost never conscious about this, and as I look around, most folks aren't either.

So I'm asleep as I tell people that I don't want to be with them; that they won't work in my life. So the lesson I'm learning is that life in autopilot can dishonor God, and tell people exactly the opposite of the Kingdom message: That they are wanted, loved, and someone is waiting for them with an open heart and an authentic smile.

Let's be intentional about staying open to new people in our lives who may not look like the ideal friend. Just for fun.



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