Monday, January 12, 2004

A little love before the New Year Rants

I got a few rants that have been welling up inside for a few months. So those will come out over the next couple of weeks or so.
The Lewins are all OK now! The flu which was our no.#1 christmas present has passed, and we've had a non sniffle week. A miracle.

The new year opportunity for reflection has been interesting. I guess the last year or 2 have been pretty wonderful. And it's thanks to many of you. Thanks. You've lived, talked, listened, gotten coffees, blogged, Greenbelted, WabiSabi-ed, emerged, soularized, Off the map-ed us to a new understanding of the basics of life in Jesus. I realize now that I was lost, wandering, frustrated, disconnected and just plain bored. And I longed for something more. I think we've really found what we were looking for, and are on a path of terrific discovery for many years to come. Thanks!

We miss you all too. This meeting at events really blows. And now with friends in Europe and OZ it's even worse. All we can do is turn the longing for being with you into prayer and plans to see you soon.

Lilly and I attended the Mayhem/You Are Not Alone conference at Vineyard Central here in Cincinnati over the weekend. Our stongest feeling was that we'll never really fit in regular church again. Our friend Joe Meyers was there and taught his Search for belonging workshop in short form again. He loves to get newbies all worked up. And he did. I realized that I've grown tons in Jesus over the last year and haven't gone to church, been in a small group, or been "accountable." Can this be? It's just not supposed to happen! Now I'm one of those non church weirdos!!

Saw some other "conference friends." Joel McClure from Water's Edge in Grand Rapids, Mich. is always amazing. Hope some day I'm that smart. And met Joel and Randy's (Buist) wives. Boy did they marry well.

Met some new folks who seem to be real fun. Jerimiah Smith from New Hampsheee. On the ball. And John Wentz from University christian here in cincy. Future Bright; wear shades. I think both of them went to Lincoln ill for college and Joel went there for Grad school. Where the hell is this place? Did Fuller move? And also met Cat( who is living in the community at vineyard Central. Her face was so bright. A great heart

Also had Thai with Rachelle Mee-Chapman from the Seattle Vineyard, "Thursday PM" church plant. Wow. She had tons of insight and heart. Where are all the women church planters? Unite! And Elizabeth DiCandilo from Philly. At dinner we discussed her outine of a new book on sexuality. Her take on sex as the "prize" we sell so singles will stay celibate, and then how many married christians have crappy sex lives. Sellin' another lie. Aren't we great at this? Thanks Elizabeth. You Rock. Can you all see me sharing some curry with 3 rabid ministry females! I was mostly silent! ThenI just make it worse! They have a ton to say to the movement as a whole. Please hear them!

Bmac spoke and was his wonderful self. Hunter showed up too. Add a Kiwi, an OZie, some Minnesotans, and an austinite or 5 and some californicators and we could have been anywhere in the world!

Rants tomorrow,
miss you


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