Thursday, October 02, 2003

Yo Britney!

Now I get e-mails saying that adult, post 5th grade readers, even employed people don't understand my writing style. Yo, Britney, my spirit is bruised. Not. All-righteee-then! Think movies folks, Dude! Sweet! Think 8th grader. Think stream of consciousness. Sorry that I'm random or ADD or lost, this is my freakin' blog! Loo-whoo-zaaa-herrr. And for you serious types believing that somehow you're missing something here, you're not. It's all just fun, except for the serious parts. But those are easily found. Like yesterday.

So let's talk about movies. Three years ago Mac, my 14 year old, received an inappropriate movie for Christmas. He returned it and got Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Do I suck as a parent or what? So, much of my writing will be interspersed, dude that is a word (stop saying the word!) with Grail-isms. Like that. Also lots of Clouseau. What kind of a bomb is it? The exploding kind you fool!

Top movie of all time: no doubt, no question, no discussion: Lawrence of Arabia!

"Does Aouda serve?" A quote from Anthony Quinn in the movie.
See this movie on as large a screen as possible! It's so emergent it oozes. Dude. You should see me at 6'6" striding around our little house bellowing "Does Aouda serve?" Initially the children were terrified, like they were in trouble, but now it's like they're at the zoo viewing Dad as a loud, near extinct, large land mammal. It's awesome baby. Like Butta (Linda Richmann/Mike Meyers). Is my life one long movie and TV quote? Isn't that sad? I'm so totally media boy, dude.


And about money. At the beginning of September I wrote how happy I was that money was finally coming together. Well, I was right, but early, you know counting your chickens and all. But nobody has said that what I'm currently writing doesn't match with that at all. And why not? Maybe you trust me that it will. God bless your sweet selves. Maybe I'm writing to one-legged space chickens incapable of verbal response. No lips.

And I've also been questioned on my sentence:

"5. He modeled valuing employment for what resources it provides, not the identity it provides. Work for money to solve specific money things, not have a career to build identity."

It's not from the bible, it's my take on Jesus' orientation about work. I've spent a long time working at valuing normal daily work as spiritual work. Doing full-time ministry as "real" work isn't neccessarily even valuable. I've done it. And lots of people in "the pew" think that life would be so much better if they were in full time ministry. It's a crock. Ministry in 90% of all the churches I know will suck spiritual passion out of a stone. I know this wasn't in what I wrote yesterday, but trying to discuss work and money in this way can get real mixed up. I don't mean paid ministry is a better choice than any other kind of work. Life isn't better if you get paid to do ministry. As Jerry cook once said, "If you can do ANYTHING else, do it!"

So I have no problem with hard work as spiritual and as just good for you. But Jesus never said, "Go work hard, invest in your future, give your kids a better life, education is important, be an entrepreneur, excell in all areas of your life, save for rainy day, education, retirement, do estate planning." It feels like work was just work for him, not a way to build a life. He already had a life. He didn't need to go and build one. Do we? Doesn't it feel to you like we've just accepted all this as normal, and forgotten that our model had no job, nothing? Does this resonate with you? Even if money is insane this month, and hurts right now, doesn't it feel like we've got something backwards?

Finally, for beginning journey stuff.

If you're a rookie to all this then you should visit today. Jonny is a great resource for folks all over the world, and he's (let's say it together in Brit) Fantastic! He along with a few others, Steve Collins, Andrew Jones for example, helps me remember art, architecture, design, and space in general affect our lives deeply. And it is also deeply spiritual. (Are there ways to be affected deeply that don't impact spirituality? I think not.) His blog and these others talk about art etc. and beauty in general, constantly. So as a result, I feel included, informed, and capable of dialogue. It keeps my "cultural creative side" cookin'. He's also one heck of a bloke! Brit for Dude! I must also admit his installation at Greenbelt got the Gold Medal for me. Along with the air-conditioned fifth floor prayer area. Lovely toilets on the 5th floor. Many of the places I visit for content are out of the US. Whodathunkit? They're just way ahead. And so gloriously arrogant (kidding) about it. That's another week's blogging. Enuf for today,

tommorrow I'll get some Celtic url's for ya.


PS. Toy- Love you, thanks for the input. See you soon.
PS. Adam, thanks for the props


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