Sunday, October 05, 2003

What is happening??

Why isn't a promise a promise? Why do 20 year marriages end in divorce and destroy everyone involved? Today we heard of the second of our friends in 18 months to call it quits. What do you say? How can you help? By the time we hear, it's too late, it's over, thanks for caring. This is such crap!
Rob honey...
1. This happens and it will be better for them in the end.
Crap! What about the kids, the dog, and all your friends?
2. At least they are ending it amicably.
Crap! Maybe they should fight and try to save what God put together. It would be easier if they were screaming explitives daily so that divorce might be better.
3. Maybe there was an affair.
Crap! End the affair and find out what need wasn't being met and meet it.

In the end, nobody ever knows but those two, and that sucks. I've lost 4 friends I'll never really ever get back. And nobody has to appologise, or repent. This so sucks!!!

How much of a crappy marriage is bad sex? How much is one person being unwilling to change? How much is just being wimpy and not fighting for what should be.

And what's worse... both of these couples have plenty of money. That makes me nuts!!! Don't we think that's it's the pressure of lack of resources that will drive people apart? But most of the struggling couples I know are too worried to evaluate their marriage. They have a common enemy, their problems. Maybe that's crap too, but at least the kids don't say " I think marriage is a lie."




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