Thursday, October 02, 2003

So Freakin what?

What does all this jabber about money and jesus mean. Especially for an emerging world?
For me? It simply means I'm not a freak. And neither are you. All my behind the scenes doubt about this whole process of acquiring and buying and image and lust isn't so wrong afterall.
It also validates all the doubters along the way. Like Aidan or the bro's of St. frank. Refusing to be "economic man" and instead being poor when he could have been rich.
It also says which churches I can avoid. Cause money and it's power dominate, invisibly to many, how churches are led. And how we choose what to do for 2 hours per week is based on attracting the most people to get money.

I also feel like I'm on another planet when talkin with Christian friends. 99% of them are sleep walkin about money.

I also feel guilty. Cause I haven't acted on what I know yet. And bloggin makes me less crazy and less guilty.

And it's rugged to grapple with this alone. Lilly and I are praying for a small community of people who can walk this with us. Pray with us please.



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