Sunday, October 19, 2003


It's Sunday nite the 19th and I've spent most of the weekend working to find out what really is the matter with Hudson. Many of you have met his wild, 11-year-old self. We really need your prayers for him.

He's had pre migrane level head aches for all the time we've been home from the UK,
depression is somewhere in this too,
and he can sleep for more than 15 to 17 hours in a day.
He's throwing up: 3x on friday and once today.

I'm taking tomorrow off and gonna ream these doctors for not looking for more answers. He's had blood work, a CATscan, mono tests, tons of stuff, and we're no closer to solutions. I've had it! When little people get sick, your life kinda flips upsidedown. And Lilly is scared it's something really bad. They've done cancer scans etc with nothing to show. She's worried that something right in front of us is getting worse while we keep wandering around like idots.

So pray and pray hard!



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