Thursday, October 09, 2003

Loo hoo, sa herrr

What if a blog is just one long rant? Will you leave?

Well, we need your prayers. I know God is good and all, but it just feels like all the places, people (read, you), and experiences we've had over the last two years are just a giant clamp. It's squeezing tighter every day. We have to change our lives to honor what we've learned and done. It's not a bad clamp, but it's forcing our lives to match what we know. Like dis-equilibrium in high school physics. Something has to give here.
Here are some basics:
1. We love water and need to spend our days there (live on Lake Mich, or Pacific NW islands, on water in UK etc. ) in the future.
2. Our house from now on must be a place that is open to travelers (thanks alot Jones, Stuarts, Birchenalls, and Fosters!!! Look what you're making me do!)
3. Our house must be a place where others can experience the sacred, and peace. And we can too.
4. Both Lilly and I need to do our gifts, and for people who want them.
5. Our boys need to continue to experience the love and power of community (more love, more power, more of you...)

Please pray that Jesus will integrate the desires of our hearts, and what He's already taught us. It would be sweet, dude.

Hey I miss all the freaks from Austin!! And Erica (funky), and Joel.


ps. Teresa and Bea we're prayin!


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