Friday, October 03, 2003

Liver and Onions Ice Cream with Bacon Sprinkles

Maybe with some brussel sprouts on the side. The perfect kid foods.

Why am I just now learning about Keller Williams? Loser! What an awesome talent. See
I want to go to a concert soon. Talk about creative. His music is so EmergingPostWabi; it's great. Each song is a journey, and the first time you hear it you don't know where it will end. Just him and a gituar.

Yesterday I promised to give you some begining links into Celtic stuff. Here are three.

This is a site for things about the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. It's an intro to going there and has some links about other things Celtic.

This is a community of believers who are focused on living out what the Founder of lindisfarne's Abbey...Aidan... (come on, it's the name of the blog, dude) lived and taught his followers. You can become a part of this group where ever you live.

This site is the Comunity of Aidan and Hild. They are great folks, and are living the dream. I return to this site often just to re-orient and remember what's real. You can also join these folks as well.

And finally: this best book to read to help you understand the full vista of Celtic faith:
"Restoring the Woven cord" by Michael Mitton
Here's a link so you can order it. Get this book!

Love you times 10 million,


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