Monday, September 29, 2003


Rob... Jesus was a carpenter! You boob. This hadn't been posted 15 minutes before the urban legends emerge.

Sorry, his dad was a carpenter. I'm real sure jesus knew how, but he didn't do it. Nothing in the NT records him working, even in wood, for money. We have three years of opportunity and nothing. Plus, what did he ever encourage his boys to do. Work? Uh, not really. Give to Ceasar and all.

Really. Check for yourself.

Plus what did they do after he was gone. Mostly ended up unemployed.

What about Paul? Wasn't he a tent maker? OK yea but look at the record. He didn't have a career or anything. He wasn't in one place for very long. Mostly he was in prison. REALLY. He wasn't building long term job security, 401K, health benefits. He didn't pay a mortgage, or anything else. Maybe not to the same extent, but Paul was just as dependent on others as Jesus.

One major point is that:
the King of the universe was utterly dependent on the kindness of others.

Why? WHY???? Why model THIS behavior? WHY?

What was he trying to communicate? What do we need to GET?

Please think. It's important. Think, just for you. How can you follow him this way? Can you follow him?



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