Monday, September 29, 2003

welcome back to me!

OK. So Baker shames me into continuing this little clam bake. OK, I can take a challenge. Where were we? Well we were on the last year's worth of Jenga sticks! But today I'm processing about money still. I'm about half way through a book (writing not reading) on 5 primary points of jesus life which have just blown me away over the last year or three.

Today it's the unemployed bit. Jesus gives us zero record of him ever!!!!! being employed. ZERO, Zilch, Nada. No part time work, no manual labor, no Che migrant working, nothing. He was utterly disconnected from the prevailing economic system. Dude, no job no scratch, jack, moola, cheese, dough. No money at all.

Here's the catch: If he is the master and I'm the apprentice (see McLaren) and my call is to simply do what he did, since he lived the ultimate life filled with all the stuff I'd like to have,(joy peace etc.) ..... then I need to do what he did. Uh, at least that's what would make sense. And, get this, I can't use any bull crap excuses about family, kids, this being 2000 years later, or anything else.

And neither can YOU! Does anybody but me talk about this?!!!! Or that 50 years of theological discussion ignored this. Or that we've just made excuses! And that (see Hunter, Willard) our churches totally ignore this even though it's killing most of those we have in our congregations. DOES ANYONE CARE. DOES ANYONE SEE THAT NOT DISCUSSING THIS IS KILLING US?

I'll be here tomorrow,


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