Sunday, September 07, 2003

real life interlude

I know I've been sharing with everyone just how we got to the place we are now, but today I must interupt with some real life. Part of where I am now is a new joy over work. I have the control I've wanted for many years, the capacity to really earn what I want and the flexibility to vacate when I choose. Why God allows opportunities at certain times, well he and I will have a little "come to Jesus" when I'm there to discuss it. But now finally after more than a decade of struggling and flailing it feels so gooood to have money get better, lots better. We don't talk about money much; especially folks who either have or are have-nots. People who "have" feel like they'll be used and abused so they hide. Have-nots hide from the cultural shame of "not enuf ness" and never share their pain. We become mutes about the most important, emotional, divisive thing in culture. Well not me. I've been a miserable have not for a long time. How im-bare-assing. I'm happy to tell it, cause there are so many millions of people who feel a little smaller each day cause they feel a little further behind financially. Well I've had the lights turned of, not had money for gas, bought lottery tickets to escape the pain and a million other things. And finally it's nice to say that there will be more money than month, rather than the opposite.

I've been reviewing the blogs of folks we met in Sheffield for Wabi-Sabi and at Greenbelt. What a great group. I miss them tons already. They taught us so much that is clearly how a disciple should live, but we don't. Doh! They made my life fuller, warmer. And they probably don't know it.


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