Thursday, August 28, 2003

begining the journey

So. Why blog? A few things come to mind. One is I'd like to share how I came to the beliefs I hold now, compared to the ones I held just 3 to 5 years ago. My hope is that beginers on the "New Road" will feel less alone and get courage to continue their journeys. Another is that alot of the folks I want to stay in touch with write and read blogs. And finally I want to add whatever part I can to the new things God is up to on the New Road.

And why the name, Aidan's Legacy? Aidan was Bishop of Lindisfarne, and all of the Northumberland coast, (about 2 hrs south of Edinburgh) in the 650's. And he was a very remarkable person. In many ways he's responsible for the growth of the Christian faith in the English speaking world and eventually you! His ability to integrate mission and monastic, to maintain an organic flavor of church life, and to be a model of humility and compassion makes him someone we all can learn from. He was doing emergent, post(pre) modern, organic, wabiSabi church 1400 years ago. A legacy indeed.

And what's the "New Road?" For me it's the place where I currently journey. I spent 20 years in seeker church, systematic church management, pastor focused, money and attendance centered, evangelical church. I did consulting for pastors and churches as a full time job and have co-authored a book on "planting' that kind of church. And while I still passionately follow Jesus, I can no longer handle doing church in that old format. And part of the future of this blog is to tell my story of how I came to all this, and where I might go in the future.

And if we've met you know that the way I describe what the critical parts of my path have been, is using the metaphor of the game Jenga. Lots of wooden sticks crossed on each other, and then stacked up. Then each player pulls a stick out hoping that the pile doesn't fall as they remove it. My blog for the next little while will be about those specific sticks which made old church come crashing down for me. Deconstructed if you will.

So. jenga stick number 1 tomorrow?

See ya then,


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